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The Prime

'The Prime' is a high end commercial building accommodating retail and office spaces, located in Jamnagar, Gujarat. We have designed the building such that Retail and Office spaces are segregated through façade while keeping the structural grid constant in order to make neat planning. 

The idea here is to have units designed such that the size is affordable for upcoming entrepreneurs while one can can just add on the following units if one needs to expand their space. The most beneficial part of the design is the ratio of front to depth which makes it quite lucrative for the developers as well as the users as all the units will be front facing. Coming to the façade which is supposed to be the most attractive part of the design, we have divided the entire mass into two parts making it visually differentiate in terms of retail and office spaces.  Retail spaces have simple linear form with larger brand boards and dry cladding on the sides. Above the retail spaces we have designed the fenestration of office spaces such that each window is a chamfered element with a brand board on it. 

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