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The Brick Storeys

'The Brick Storeys' is a residential apartment project located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The project was commissioned to us by the client with a basic requirement of 3bhk and 4bhk penthouse apartment having a private terrace.

We decided to use exposed bricks and exposed concrete for the facade to give it a neat and timeless look. There are four units on each floor where the light and ventilation is properly taken care of. The scope of interiors included the common development of the project where we designed an entrance foyer, a club house and a gym using a subtle material pallete.


Landscape plays the most important role in the entire design. There are three gardens on the ground floor while the center of attraction is the terrace garden in the entire project.We believed that other than the penthouse terrace, there should be a part of the terrace which can be utilized by other members. So we developed it into a beautiful terrace garden thereby making the greatest use of space in a city like Ahmedabad.


The hardscape and softscape are thoughtfully designed by keeping the temperature of Ahmedabad and complete utilization of space in mind.We worked with an agenda that landscape should overpower the architecture and interior of our project.

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