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'Centroid' is a large scale building accommodating retail and office spaces,located in Jamnagar, Gujarat.We used a simple and practical approach towards the design by making the best use of available land and carving out spaces which are aesthetically pleasing as well as satisfying the requirements of the user group.

The idea here is to differentiate the retail spaces and the office spaces. In order to achieve that we designed a plain glass facade for the retail spaces where as the office spaces are differentiated by adding a layer of fenestration over it which are the wooden vertical fins. The fins act as a protective shield against the harsh sunlight. It can be adjusted according to the needs which provides the building an ever changing look throughout the day.


The front margin of the site is kept more open than the requirement which helps accommodating the parking space for retail and moreover acts as a gathering space for the visitors. Being a commercial project , the landscape has been designed taking the limitations into consideration and making the best out of it.

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