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Framez | The Ceramic Studio

FRAMEZ - The idea of individuality for products, the concept to convert the conventional two typologies of structure and finishes to colour combination has done all the play, creating an unusual combination.


This retail show room space is re-designed in a 2 decade old existing building space with multiple construction systems used in a very chaotic manner. Taking it as a challenge we designed this display space such that we can show the space wider than its existence so there by bringing in the concept of frames and solids, where frames allow the vision to penetrate till the end of the space making it feel bigger and wider visually. Solids here act as a structure and canvas to display ceramics and faucets. 

A mezzanine space is carved out in-order to get more display space and to add into the notion we designed faucet display system on pivots. 

By just using a few materials like Mild Steel, laminates and PU Paint we designed this display space minimally where products are our hero but the design of display systems is the director. 

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