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Our Studio

We designed this boutique studio space considering to display our various ideas and experiential quality that we crave for in our designs. We have used stark blue color in micro topping flooring while wooden furniture and brass elements complements the color and texture palette. 

The idea of spatial and elemental design is guided by the geometrical intervention of circle proportionately breaking into a rectangle. Each furniture design is custom made with intricate detailing and an idea to retain the values of geometry and proportions in the entire studio space. 

We have used cotton fabric at places which adds warmth to the space while its texture complements wood and brass. The micro

topping flooring is monolithic and turns itself into a seating space with a subtle white cotton upholstery and vibrant cushions on it. The wood and glass louvred windows have a traditional authentic detailing and adds drama to the space. 

Being a practice that appreciates art,  we have designed the walls such that they turn out to become a perfect gallery display space for art work of painters and artists while it also displays few of the works by our principal architect. 

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