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Show House

This Show house project at "Luxuria" is a plush designed 4bhk apartment with a modern contemporary design style.


Following the brief by the developers we designed this apartment with a unique approach where in we brought in the neutral color palette as our main element of design and using  different geometries in specific proportions which represents our firm's design style and approach. 

Being a show flat each corner of the house shall be minutely designed and executed, so beginning with the pooja space we designed it as a quite warm yet colorful space with play in its ceiling. Living room is kept quite vibrant with a use of striking blue lime plaster wall and colorful cushions. Dining and kitchen space is kept soothing with a use of neutral color scheme.

Bedrooms are the most important space in any home so we have given justice to every corner of each room. Master bedrooms are designed such that the scale of room is enhanced while one will feel cozy with the use of materials like wood, fabric and concrete texture on walls. Being a challenge for us to make the kids room also feel as a matured room we designed it with semi circular flute as a play element but in wooden and neutral color scheme and just a hue of teal blue color in a wall and fabric so the feel of room can be transformed by just changing the color. Our idea for the guest bedroom was to treat it as a special room where one comes and stays but does not feel less treated so we have designed it with solid wood and fabric adding warmth to the space while brass adds luxury to it. A cozy corner is created with a vibrant blue chair where one can get book from the shelf and read it enjoying the space. 

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